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Cooking is an art that creates mouth-watering food. Are you a food lover in search of new recipes to bless the taste buds of your dear once? You are at the right place which offers you thousands of recipes in all categories to choose from. Stay well informed on health,lifestyle & kitchen tips through our insightful articles. Browse our simple,healthy,tasty,tested and delicious latest Kerala food recipes.

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Main Courses & Categories breakfast recipes

'Breakfast like a king' To spread your breakfast counter with delicious meals for breakfast,go through our interesting,easy to cook and healthy breakfast recipe collections.

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Eat your lunch with mouth-watering recipes like a nobleman. Fill your lunch boxes with various dishes so that your friends and colleagues eagerly wait for you to open your lunch box.

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Dinner is supposed to be light. But it’s always difficult to prepare the lightest menus that too with variety included. Here is some amazing and healthy recipe collection for your dinner.

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food recipez snak dessert recipes

A yummy bite of dessert completes a meal. Serve your family with the delight of interesting desserts from our recipes. Who doesn't like a bite when lazying around? Here is a long list of tasty snack recipes for you.

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Are you in a hurry? Do you have an unexpected guest for dinner or lunch? Here are few easy to cook recipes to make your life easy.

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Are you a pure vegetarian? Do you find it tough to include variety in your daily menu? Browse through our website for amazing vegetarian recipes.

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Spicy and mouth-watering non-vegetarian food is always a go-to for most of us. How about thousands of variety recipe that can make you a master chief?

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In history,humans started to settle down along the banks of rivers and seas as they served as a source of food. We provide a variety of seafood recipes here.

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